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Hi and welcome! My pen name is Arrow. The word “arrow” intrigues me because it has two meanings that describe my passions. One, it is an instrument used intentionally to reach a target, and two, it shows the way. As a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, my goals are to live for Him, lead others to Him, and glorify the Heavenly Father. I pray that the stories, poems, song lyrics, and devotional thoughts I share on this website will always be inspired by the Holy Spirit and aligned with the truths found in God’s Word. My hope is that the words may penetrate your heart and point the way to a closer relationship with the Savior. I look forward to sharing my journey with you. Experiencing what God has in store is bound to be exciting! May you be blessed! ~ Arrow

Distrac … tions

It took a minute. I had been reading … and then I realized I was also scratching … and scratching the back of my hand. I stopped reading. Upon close examination, I found the tiniest red dot. Apparently, a no-see-um … Continue reading

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Whoever … Forever

Who ever heardOf a builderBecoming a building?(That’s ridiculous!) A writerBecoming a word, a sentence, or book?(That’s weird!) A bakerBecoming a cake, cookie, or donut?(Mmm.) Then, why on earthWould the CreatorOf the heavens and earthBecomeA created being? Why wouldThe Almighty God,King … Continue reading

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Sound the Blast

Back in the day … of Moses, waaaaay before internet, long, slender, silver trumpets were used to call the community or leaders to gather. These instruments were also used to signal the tribes of Israel to move forward from their … Continue reading

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Return to Sender

Wasn’t it delightful to give gifts this holiday season? Were they received with a smile, a twinkle in the eye, excited giggles, and/or joyful gratitude? Or, was a gift handed back to you? Did anyone absolutely refuse to receive the … Continue reading

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“Hark, the herald angels sing …”Hark? Listen carefully, pay attention, focus, hear and consider. Listen up, shepherds:  Your Messiah was born today in Bethlehem. You will find Him wrapped in cloths in a manger. (Luke 2:11-12) Listen, Mary:  You have … Continue reading

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Prepare Him Room

Joy to the worldThe Lord has comeLet earth receive her KingLet every heart prepare Him room … Let’s pause right there and focus on that last line from the Christmas carol Joy to the World. I do ‘prepare a room’ … Continue reading

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Reader, Did You Know?

One of my favorite Christmas songs is “Mary, Did You Know?” I’ve changed the words to speak directly to us and added Scripture references for your own personal study. “Mary, Did You Know?” ~ Lyrics by Buddy Greene and Mark … Continue reading

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Manna Mañana

Join me for a moment in imagining God’s ‘To Do List’ in about 1446 B.C. when He heard Israel crying out to Him from Egypt: Call Moses to lead Israel. Send 10 plagues to show Pharaoh I am God. Free … Continue reading

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Thank You, Father

For all the air we breathe today,For love no one can measure,Wisdom in Your whispers, Lord,Your word, our greatest treasure. For strength and inspiration,Open doors and guiding light,For keeping all Your promisesTo make all wrong things right. For being near, … Continue reading

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Beyond Belief

I believe in wearing deodorant, a seatbelt, and my wedding band. I feel these items benefit me and, in some cases, those around me. But, in these instances, if I don’t actually DO these things, my belief is irrelevant. Many … Continue reading

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