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Distrac … tions

It took a minute. I had been reading … and then I realized I was also scratching … and scratching the back of my hand. I stopped reading. Upon close examination, I found the tiniest red dot. Apparently, a no-see-um … Continue reading

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Whoever … Forever

Who ever heardOf a builderBecoming a building?(That’s ridiculous!) A writerBecoming a word, a sentence, or book?(That’s weird!) A bakerBecoming a cake, cookie, or donut?(Mmm.) Then, why on earthWould the CreatorOf the heavens and earthBecomeA created being? Why wouldThe Almighty God,King … Continue reading

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Sound the Blast

Back in the day … of Moses, waaaaay before internet, long, slender, silver trumpets were used to call the community or leaders to gather. These instruments were also used to signal the tribes of Israel to move forward from their … Continue reading

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