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Hey, let me tell you ‘bout the Friday I had
It really started last night, then went terribly bad
Dinner with friends, a feast of food and some drink
Then we walked to the hills ‘cause I needed to think

I withdrew and knelt down, hoped my friends would pray too
But they kept falling asleep; they didn’t know what I knew
That I came to be sacrificed, God’s only Son
Seeking My Father, I said, “May Your will be done.” Continue reading

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Throne to Throne

The river Nile was turned to blood
Frogs plagued the countryside
Egypt’s dust evolved to gnats
Flies swarmed from far and wide
Their livestock was no longer live
Boils broke on beast and man
Hail, locusts, and darkness came
From God’s almighty hand Continue reading

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Why is this happening?
Why won’t that end?
Why am I not
Being blessed like my friend?
Why won’t things go right?
Why can’t I get a break?
Why such pain and sadness?
Why all this heartache? Continue reading

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