Troubled Soul

Dear troubled soul
Imagine with me
Creation – as it was meant to be
Walking with the Father, close by His side
Awed by His glory and arms open wide
Comprehending that long before you came to be
God knew you completely, intimately.

Oh troubled soul
May you now hear
The Truth He declares, whispering clear
May He soften your heart and open your ear
To hear Jesus calling – the Savior is near
He offers peace now, and life after the grave
To all who believe, He came to save.

Come troubled soul
Experience His love
Accept in your heart the One from above
He gives hope for tomorrow, healing and grace
Mercy and compassion for every dark place
Bring Him your troubles, release them and know
He’ll walk the way with you, giving strength as you go.

by Arrow ©2018

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You Must Love Me!

You must love me
For You gave me today.
I woke up.
I can breathe,
Exhale cares away.

I can sense,
I can see,
Smell jasmine outside,
Hear the hummingbird whizzzz
As I lift windows high.

Yesterday, a rainbow
As hail joined the rain.
Gifts from You, Father,
I praise You again!

Almighty Creator,
Your wondrous works
Confirm Your compassion,
Sweet heavenly desserts!

Fragrance-filled forests,
With elk, swift and strong,
A breeze, cool and subtle,
Streams trickling long,
The sky’s deep magnificence,
A hint of Your essence.
Grateful for Your Love
And the gift of Your Presence!

by Arrow ©2018

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I Hear a Whisper

I hear a whisper
Is that Your voice?
Should I listen?
I have a choice
I could ignore
Go back to sleep
But sleep won’t come
Your voice is deep

You have a work
For me to do
You don’t need me
But I need You
To guide the way
To give the light
To fight the battle
To show what’s right
To keep me humble
To not think more
Of me, me, me
Please don’t keep score
Of all the times
I chose my way
Chose not to listen
Not to obey

No, You forgave
Once again
The debt’s been paid
You died for sin
Of all the world
Of everyone
When Jesus died
Your only Son
To set us free
From every chain
That dares to bind
That tries to reign

You replaced
That prison cell
With arms of love
A refreshing well
Of living water
And pastures green
Eternal life
A heavenly scene
For all of those
Who make the choice
To follow You
To heed Your voice

So, help me hear
To recognize
With open ears
And open eyes
To keep in mind
Lord, what You say
Obey the Word
Whispered today

by Arrow ©2018

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Verse 1:
I believe that Jesus died
I believe He rose again
I believe that He will bring
Those who fall asleep in Him
Soon the Lord Himself will come
Down from heaven, all will see
Like a lightning flash
With a trumpet call
Caught up together
We will meet

If Jesus came today
Would you join Him?
Would you be gathered
By His angels far and wide?
Rise to live with Jesus forever
Witness a heaven and new earth
All made right

Verse 2:
Don’t be deceived
The world can’t meet your needs
Not wealth, not fame, not knowledge
Nor your friends
If Jesus, you don’t choose
Then I’m afraid you’ll lose
Your eternal life
Is fire that never ends


The day of the Lord
Should not come as a surprise
Rebellion and wars
The rise of antichrist
Great tribulation
Like we have never known
Then Jesus coming on the clouds
Trumpets loud
Calling us home


Verse 3:
If we believe
The Lord will meet our needs
He promises forgiveness
And gives grace
Know Jesus as God’s Son
He died for everyone
Choose to follow
And take that step of faith

Final Chorus:
Then if Jesus came today
You would join Him
You would be gathered
By His angels far and wide
You would rise to live with Jesus forever
Witness a heaven and new earth
All made right
All made right
With you right
By Jesus’ side

by Arrow @2018

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Hey, let Me tell you
About the Friday I had
It really started last night
Then went terribly bad
Friends fashioned a feast
For Passover, you know
In a large upper room
That was furnished just so

I knew that My time had come
My final hour
And I knew that the Father
Had all things under His power
I got up from the meal
To wash My followers’ feet
Leaving a lesson of love
An example to see

When we reclined at the table
I had something to say,
“This Son of Man
One of you will betray!”
My disciples were saddened,
“Surely not I?”
Judas dipped bread with Me
Then went out in the night

We continued to eat
I gave thanks and broke bread
“This is My body;
Take and eat it,” I said,
“Do this to remember
What I’ve done for you”
Then sharing the cup,
“My blood poured out too”

Together we sang
To Mount Olives we went
Peter I warned
Though he denied the event
That he would disown me
Three times yet that night
Claimed he’d lay down his life
That he was willing to fight

I tried to comfort my men
“Trust in God, trust in Me
I go to prepare a place
I’ll come back, just believe
The evidence of miracles
You saw day after day
No one comes to the Father
But by the truth, life, the way”

“Now I’m about to return
To the One who sent Me
It is for your own good
But it’s your grief that I see
For if I do not go
The Holy Spirit won’t come
To guide you in truth
And bring glory to the Son”

Then I withdrew and knelt down
Hoped My friends would pray too
But they kept falling asleep
They didn’t know what I knew
That I came to be sacrificed
God’s only Son
Seeking My Father
I said, “May Your will be done”

Then the crowd busted in
The priests and armed guards
A kiss of betrayal
That accompanied swords
Seized and arrested
A biased hearing and trial
The crows of a rooster
Pain of Peter’s denial

Mocked and beaten by guards
False testimonies again
“Are you the Messiah?”
I answered, “I am”
Then led before Romans
Found undeserving of death
“Are you the king of the Jews?”
I replied simply, “Yes”

The mob was unruly
And easily persuaded
To shout, “Crucify him!”
The priests were elated
A flogging so brutal
A crown of thorns on My head
Stripped, mocked, and spit upon
Then away I was led

To the place of the Skull
To be crucified
Nailed to a cross
My arms spread out wide
Hung between criminals
With My charge on a sign
That read “King of the Jews”
That was My only crime

The mocking continued
And insults were hurled
As I gave up My spirit
And died for the world
The earth quaked and rocks split
A sword pierced My side
“Surely this was the Son of God!”
A man cried

Then wrapped up in linen
And laid in a tomb
But I don’t plan on staying
I’ll be out of here soon
Watch for Me in three days
I’ll live and I’ll rise
Friday is finished! —
Sunday’s a surprise!

by Arrow ©2018

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To You I Call

Verse 1:
To You I call
O Lord my Rock
Hear my cry for mercy
As I call for help

I lift my hands
To Your Holy Place
Pray You won’t be silent
As I seek Your face

Praise be to the Lord
For He hears my cry
Sing thanks to the One
Worthy alone
To be magnified

My heart leaps for joy
Makes music and sings
With shouts that extol
Honor to Your Name
The King above all kings

Verse 2:
Of this, I’m sure
I will see the good
Goodness of God
In the land of the living

I will wait for Him
And His promised reward
Be strong, take heart
And wait, wait for the Lord


Verse 3:
Teach me Your way
Lead me in Your path
You are my light
And my salvation

You are my strength
You are my shield
I boldly raise
This proclamation

Praise be to the Lord
For He hears my cry
Sing thanks to the One
Worthy alone
To be magnified

My heart leaps for joy
Makes music and sings
With shouts that extol
Honor to Your Name
The King above all kings

(based on Psalms 27 and 28)

by Arrow ©2017

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I am Your Lamb

Verse 1:
You are my Shepherd
And I am your lamb
You lead me to beautiful,
Bountiful lands

With tender green grass
Framed by trees tall and strong —
Cool meadows where I safely
Rest in Your arm

Verse 2:
You are my Shepherd
And I am Your lamb
I long to be with You
The Son of I AM

The One who will lead me
To waters so calm –
My thirsty soul satisfied
In Your healing balm

I am Your lamb
I know You know me
But I am not the only
Lamb that you see

You laid down Your life
So we all could be –
One flock, one Shepherd

Verse 3:
You are my Shepherd
I listen for You
Your voice guides to righteousness
Speaking what’s True

I’m just a lamb
But You know my name —
You are the Good Shepherd
To save me, You came


Based on Psalm 23 and John 10

by Arrow ©2017

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