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To Speak or Not To Speak

Our dilemma is knowing when to speak, and if we do, what to say. We need discernment and wisdom that only come from the Lord. We must pause, being cautious not to spew a knee-jerk reaction. We need to pray, taking time to listen with an open heart. And then, if led to respond, we should do so with a respectful tone. Continue reading

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Wed. Whisper ~ Effective & Productive

Notice that being effective and productive is not quick or easy. It is a process that begins with faith, believing in and choosing to live for Jesus. With faith and obedience to the Holy Spirit, our actions and words, or our character, begin to improve. As we apply spiritual knowledge, we gain self-control which helps us to persevere through difficult times. The next virtue, godliness, sounds virtually impossible until we know its meaning. Godliness for believers means being aware of God’s presence in our lives which in turn, effects how we treat others, mirroring how we want to be treated. The ultimate quality we strive for is love, God’s kind of sacrificial love. Continue reading

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Wednesday Whisper ~ Beyond Me, Beyond Now

When I am called to ‘do the difficult,’ my initial response is often negative because I am completely focused on self. If I would pause instead of panic and take a step back, I could gain a better perspective. The key seems to be to look beyond me and beyond now. When I stop focusing on me, I gain a sense of the One who is with me, the God who is my Hope, my Strength, my Provider, and my Friend. When I look beyond now, I am reminded that this is only a speck in time, and there are eternal rewards awaiting believers. Continue reading

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