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I Hear a Whisper

I hear a whisper
Is that Your voice?
Should I listen?
I have a choice
I could ignore
Go back to sleep
But sleep won’t come
Your voice is deep Continue reading

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Verse 1:
I believe that Jesus died
I believe He rose again
I believe that He will bring
Those who fall asleep in Him
Soon the Lord Himself will come
Down from heaven, all will see
Like a lightning flash
With a trumpet call
Caught up together
We will meet

If Jesus came today
Would you join Him?
Would you be gathered
By His angels far and wide?
Rise to live with Jesus forever
Witness a heaven and new earth
All made right Continue reading

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Hey, let Me tell you
About the Friday I had
It really started last night
Then went terribly bad
Friends fashioned a feast
For Passover, you know
In a large upper room
That was furnished just so

I knew that My time had come
My final hour
And I knew that the Father
Had all things under His power Continue reading

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Come, the weary and the weak
He said, come, find rest in Me
Not just for today
He’s with you all the way
Just call on Him and His face seek

Come, you of little faith
The chosen whom the Father adores
Do not be afraid
He welcomes and He saves
Come declare Him as your Savior and Lord Continue reading

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True: God’s Plan of Salvation

God’s plan to save mankind was to send His one and only Son, Jesus. Remember, God wanted a relationship with us, but sin caused us to be separated from God. Therefore, God lovingly made a way for that great chasm to be bridged. Jesus left Heaven, came to earth, and lived a perfect life, never giving in to the temptation of sin. He accepted the punishment of death for all mankind. He was the perfect sacrifice necessary for our salvation. Luke 19:10 states Jesus’ purpose for coming: “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” (That’s you and me!) Our salvation is a free gift, paid for in full by Jesus. Continue reading

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True: God Seeks and Invites All

The compassionate shepherd leaves his other ninety-nine sheep in safety to seek the one that wandered off. When he finds it, he rejoices! These parables demonstrate God’s great love for us, all of us, those who have not chosen to believe as well as those who believe but have wandered off. Jesus is the shepherd who searches for you, to bring you into His loving arms and rejoice over you! Continue reading

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My Salvation Story

What did this mean and what if it’s true?
Jesus was God’s Son, I believed too!
So, we met with the preacher, my folks and me
I learned Jesus died to set us all free

Receiving His mercy, humbled by grace
Buried in baptism, my sins washed away
I was raised from the water to live a new life
With His Spirit inside me, forever my guide
Continue reading

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