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Wed. Whisper ~ Destination: Bethlehem

There is much I do not understand. These days have been difficult, but I know God has a plan and purpose, and I know He is faithful. From the angel’s first visit, I agreed to be the Lord’s servant and I earnestly put my trust in Him.

I pray that this Holy Son of God I’m about to give birth to is One you come to know and worship as well. May you serve Him even when it’s not convenient, trust Him during difficult days, and experience His immeasurable love. Continue reading

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Wednesday Whisper ~ Glory to God

And one holy night, more than 2000 years ago, shepherds were the ones blessed to receive a birth announcement from heaven, witness the glory of God, and hear His angel choir. As the shepherds went to find the infant King, did they try to echo the song they heard? Did they describe and repeat the refrain of ‘Glory to God’ to Mary, Joseph, and Jesus? The shepherds were so jazzed, their praises continued even after they returned (Luke 2:20). Continue reading

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Wed. Whisper ~ 9 Months Before Christmas

How can we comprehend the Creator of all becoming a created being, the King of kings exchanging being worshiped by multitudes of angels for being acknowledged by three people, Mary, Joseph, and Mary’s relative, Elizabeth (Luke 1:42-43)? Jesus chose to leave behind the blinding brightness of His vast glory to peer inside a small, dark womb and He traded the majestic symphonies of angelic choirs for the song of His mother (Luke 1:46-55). Why? To demonstrate His immeasurable love for us! Continue reading

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