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Prayer for America ~ 2016

Lord, we plead for our nation
Praying that You would intervene
That You would send peace and calmness
Where there is anger and rage
That You would send patience and hope
Where there is impulsiveness and fear
That You would touch and soften the hearts of people
Who have hardened their hearts toward You and others
That You would open our eyes, ears, and minds
To see, hear, and help those who are in need
To stop focusing on ourselves and reach out to our neighbors
To speak words of encouragement rather than criticism
And replace name-calling and rebellion with grace and love Continue reading

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A New List

For everyone fails
And everyone hurts
Our struggles continue
Under the curse

I need to let go
And focus on good
Remember to love
And forgive as I should
Continue reading

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I Pray Because

So, I pray because You’re really there
I pray because You really care
I pray because You hear and power release
I pray because a difference makes
I pray because that’s what it takes
For blessings from heav’n to earth to increase Continue reading

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