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No Distance

All people everywhere have been ‘diagnosed’ with the ‘disease’ called sin. We all have done wrong, been disobedient, and rebelled against God. This ‘disease’ or sin caused us to be separated from God until He sent the ‘antidote,’ Jesus, to heal us. Jesus’ death on the cross and subsequent resurrection cures us of our ‘disease’ when we choose to believe in and follow Him. Continue reading

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The Rooster Crowed

And then, the rooster crowed!
And Jesus turned
And I remembered
His every word
He looked straight at me
Heart to broken heart
Could He use me now?
Had I gone too far? Continue reading

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Prayer for America ~ 2016

Lord, we plead for our nation
Praying that You would intervene
That You would send peace and calmness
Where there is anger and rage
That You would send patience and hope
Where there is impulsiveness and fear
That You would touch and soften the hearts of people
Who have hardened their hearts toward You and others
That You would open our eyes, ears, and minds
To see, hear, and help those who are in need
To stop focusing on ourselves and reach out to our neighbors
To speak words of encouragement rather than criticism
And replace name-calling and rebellion with grace and love Continue reading

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True: God’s Plan of Salvation

God’s plan to save mankind was to send His one and only Son, Jesus. Remember, God wanted a relationship with us, but sin caused us to be separated from God. Therefore, God lovingly made a way for that great chasm to be bridged. Jesus left Heaven, came to earth, and lived a perfect life, never giving in to the temptation of sin. He accepted the punishment of death for all mankind. He was the perfect sacrifice necessary for our salvation. Luke 19:10 states Jesus’ purpose for coming: “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” (That’s you and me!) Our salvation is a free gift, paid for in full by Jesus. Continue reading

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That’s What He Does

Yes, that’s what He does
He brings comfort and peace
Wisdom and guidance
To all those who seek

Yes, that’s what He does
He loves and forgives
Hoping we’ll believe,
Trust Him and live.

Continue reading

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My Salvation Story

What did this mean and what if it’s true?
Jesus was God’s Son, I believed too!
So, we met with the preacher, my folks and me
I learned Jesus died to set us all free

Receiving His mercy, humbled by grace
Buried in baptism, my sins washed away
I was raised from the water to live a new life
With His Spirit inside me, forever my guide
Continue reading

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Don’t Blame Him

Please don’t be mad at God
Because of what I did
Don’t turn away from Him
Because of things I said
I was someone you looked up to
But got tangled up in sin
Don’t blame Him!
Don’t blame Him! Continue reading

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The Whisper

I heard the whisper
In my spirit, it felt wrong
But then the world echoed It louder and long

And louder and louder
And louder, it rang
Bombarding my mind Invading my space

Transforming my thinking,
Attacking my mind
Encouraging me to leave What I valued behind

The battle raged on Between Truth, between lie
Between what my heart taught
Between wrong, between right

Continue reading

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