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Scripture Answers Itself

Some people think they have all the answers. Just ask them. At one point, my preschool-aged daughter regularly responded with, “I know that” to every tidbit of new information we shared. Teenagers and young adults also tend to think they … Continue reading

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Daily ‘Cup of Dew’

Acronyms and abbreviations have become a part of our daily lives … and not just when texting. LOL! Many acronyms and abbreviations relate to one’s occupation. When I taught elementary school, there was a whole list of education-related abbreviations. As … Continue reading

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The Living Word

Today we are blasted with information, teachings, and opinions from every side. ‘News’ is quickly outdated and discarded. So, instead of whiling away endless hours each week on something that will ‘wilt’ and tomorrow be gone or useless, may we use at least some of our precious time reading the living Word, hearing from a living God who has a message for each of us. May we have eyes that see, ears that listen, and a heart that desires to follow His plan for our lives. 
I challenge you to open a Bible and experience God talking to you. Continue reading

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