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From Failed to A+

… no matter how hard we work at trying to be obedient and do things right, we continue to fail. That’s where the good news comes in. God knows we have a sinful nature and could never get a perfect score. That’s why He sent His Son to take the test for us. Not only did Jesus take the test and score perfectly, never giving in to sin, He gives His perfect test score to everyone who believes in Him! Continue reading

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Good News!

Let Me tell you a story
Come, lend an ear
I see that you’re searching
The web far and near
While sharing your secrets
Your failures and fears
Looking for answers
Through eyes filled with tears

I want you to know
I AM here with you
Aware of the struggles
And pain you go through
I’ve witnessed your choices
Consequences too
I’m longing to help
Come, see what I do
Continue reading

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